How Far We Have Fallen

I just wanted to write a quick article to demonstrate how far we have fallen as a nation and especially as a Christian nation.

Already I hear the atheists screaming, “But, we aren’t a Christian nation.”  Well, I’m not going to argue the finer points of historical fact with you.  Read it if you want to, otherwise  leave and go visit Atheism Today.  You’ll like it better there.

Ok, now for those who are left, thanks for staying.  I want to give you a link I was sent the other day by a friend.  Born Again American.

Well, when I first went to this site, I was pleasantly surprised.  It seemed to be God centered.  The song was catchy and the lyrics were things I could agree on.  But, I felt a little skeptical, so I started digging.  Everything on the site seemed to be non-partisan.  Awesome!!!  But, still something nagged at me.  So, I started going to links that it recommended.  One of those links was to a site that would let you “learn about your freedoms”.  It is called “People for the American Way“.  Hmmm.  Sounded pretty good, so I started reading it.

Imagine my surprise.  It was a very liberal slanted site that is pro-abortion, pro-gay, and has a sister site called “Right Wing Watch” that talks about how wrong the “religious right” are.  Well, well, well…  A little further digging and I found out that all these sites are tied together.  Hmmmm.  Interesting and hypocritical.  After all, why would the sister site of a “Born Again” site be slamming religious people.  As “Alice in Wonderland” says, “Curiouser and curiouser”.

Come to find out, these are projects by a very liberal TV mogul of the 60s and 70s named Norman Lear.

And then it hit me.  I understood what had nagged at me.  It was a couple of the lyrics.  Here is the chorus:

I’m a born again American
Conceived in liberty
My Bible and the Bill of Rights
My creed’s equality
I’m a born again American
My country tis of me
And everyone who shares the dream
From Sea to shining Sea.

Beautiful, isn’t it.  Well, what nagged me was the line “My country tis of me”.  What happened in this line?  Well, it was changed from “My country tis of Thee”.  Yep.  Shocked me too.  God was totally taken out of this line.  What?!?!?!

How can you say you are a born again American in one breath and in the next breath say that your country is from you, giving God none of the credit?  So, I went back and listened to it several more times.  There wasn’t much of anything in the song about God or being a spiritual American.  As a matter of fact, “Bible” is the only religious word in the whole song apart from the title “born again American”.

So, why do I bring all of this up?  Well, it’s to prove a point.  And that point is that the other side will use anything to try to fool the people into voting for their agenda.  I even read some of the bios for the singers and I can say with certainty that some of those people didn’t know that the site was the project of an ultra-liberal who is in support of abortion.

This is a demonstration of just how far we have fallen as a christian nation.  Satan will use anything, even religious phrases such as “born again” to try to trick us into supporting his evil.  We have to say “No”.  We have to do our research and make sure we know what we are doing.  We also have to let people who do these kinds of things know that we will not stand for it!

We have to make sure that everyone knows that we are Christians first and Americans after that.  Please, folks, do your homework!


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